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Kinkabuse.com’s focus is primarily for the BDSM community. However we hope to offer educational resources for every community, straight, LGBTQ or kinky, Anywhere there are questions about abuse, we hope to be able to provide some help in getting those questions answered.  As we are located in Utah some of the resources listed are local.  However, we have tried to provide general numbers and links to those who live outside of Utah. www.kinkabuse.com

The idea for Sweatpants & Coffee was born, as many great ideas are born, during a time of personal reflection and solitude. That is to say, while its founder was taking a hot shower. The concept of a site that would celebrate all things comfort-related, one that would help people to feel good about themselves, was immensely appealing to Nanea Hoffman. With dripping hair, she bought a domain name and sketched out a plan. Nanea spends a lot of time in sweatpants, drinking coffee, so this was inevitable. Sweatpants & Coffee is a place where you can kick back, enjoy yourself, and be comfortable. 

I write for multiple sites about a wide range of topics. Some are listed here, others are coming soon!


Whether you’re kink curious or a life-long fetishist, you’re in the right place! Fetish.com is the place to find munches, kinksters, events and more! Membership is free so why not take a peek into the dungeons and play rooms to see who you’ll find? On our Forum, you’re certain to find tons of like-minded fetishists who share your fantasies.


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