Sienna speaks on a number of topics.

Health: body image, being sex-positive, owning sexuality, and consent.

Trauma: Complex PTSD, sex-trafficking, child prostitution, sexual abuse, working through trauma using D/s and exposure therapy.

Polyamory: compersion, avoiding drama, healthy communication, pitfalls and joys, starting out, things to consider, breaking the news, groups and what those mean for you.

Kink related: BDSM, advantages of D/s relationships, feminization, Master/slave, the beauty of honorifics, contracts, being Dominant, being submissive, most of all... being healthy and having proper safety and communication.

Writing: workshops, spicing up/taming
down scenes, narrative, character development, social media for authors, branding yourself, critiques, voice/tone, and more.

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Cascade Writers
November 5, 2016 as event lead

January 7, 2017 as presenter
Tacoma, WA

The Mystery Box Show
December 11, 2016
Portland, OR
January 13-15, 2017
Seatac, WA
April 13-16, 2017
Seatac, WA
Cascade Writers Workshop
Dates vary throughout the year.
Seatac, WA
Date Unknown
Seatac, WA