Aussie pornstar Angela White shares bizarre requests from fans

Aussie pornstar Angela White has revealed her most bizarre requests from OnlyFans.

Angela White – dubbed “the Meryl Streep of porn” – is currently in Australia for the Melbourne leg of Sexpo between November 25th and 27th.

She told Andrew Bucklow I have news for you Podcast she started in the industry when she was 18 after being criticized for how she explored her sexuality.

At the time, she was studying Gender Studies at the University of Melbourne and kept her new direction of work under wraps by delving into issues such as intersectionality and feminism.

The LA resident said in all of her time filming various types of pornography over the years, she felt nothing embarrassed.

Her knowledge has empowered her to run her own production company, edit her content and negotiate her own deals.

She said OnlyFans became her number one source of income during the pandemic, but before that it was studio porn.

“I’m not even going to give you a clue [figure for how much I earn]’ says Angela I have news for you.

“Tell you what – the numbers being thrown around in the media are real and I’m in the top 0.01 percent. I’m doing very well with that for me.”

She also revealed that the platform gave her direct access to her fans, allowing them to make requests for personalized content.

“I mean, foot fetish stuff is very popular. I also have a big community of jerks,” she said.

“Gooners love edging themselves — and not just edging like regular edging, where you bring yourself to the brink of orgasm and then retreat for maybe 30 minutes an hour.

“Gooners go days, weeks, months without a degree. And they’re just obsessed with me and I really enjoy making content for them because they’re so excited about it.

“They are great fun.”

She added that the Gooners were regular customers, which she loved very much.

Angela added that she could be happy all day, every day, but she knows there are times when she needs to give her body a break.

“I set up my week to shoot at least once every other day,” she said.

“And then the other day I have a day where I’m not filming, which is just pre-production and buying wardrobe and doing the emails and paperwork and whatever else I have to do.”

As part of her visit Down Under, Angela will have daily meet and greets as well as sex education seminars at Sexpo.

“I’ve done these shows before and there have been Australian fans traveling to see me and it’s really quite an honor that they would put their time and money into seeing me and following me” , she said.

“I have these loyal fans who are amazing, some of these fans have known me for years.

“They will talk to me about how proud they are of me.

“You’ve seen where I’ve taken my business and how I’ve built this empire and won these awards and kinda represent Australia abroad. But every conversation is different.

“I find a lot of people like to share with me their darkest sexual desires, like the things they feel embarrassed or embarrassed to tell other people about them.

“So I feel like it’s a real privilege because I’m glad they trust me.”

Originally released as an Australian pornstar, Angela White spills over bizarre questions from fans

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