Facebook profiles to makeover

Meta removes religious and political views from users’ Facebook profiles.

In fact, your profile’s “About Us” page is getting a facelift, and Meta will also reportedly be removing addresses and the “Interested In” section starting December 1st.

Upcoming Facebook changes

Meta spokesperson Emil Vasquez said the forthcoming changes will make the platform “easier to navigate and use”.

If any of these sections are filled out on your profile, Meta will notify you of the upcoming change.

“We’re sending out notifications to people who have filled out these fields, letting them know that these fields will be removed,” Vasquez said gizmodo.

“This change does not affect anyone’s ability to share this information about themselves elsewhere on Facebook.”

Other sections, such as contact information and relationship status, will survive profile renewal.

Download your Facebook data

If you wish to keep your personal data, remember to download a copy of your data before December 1st.

The change is consistent with Meta’s recent privacy update.

The announcement comes after social media analyst Matt Navara spotted the change on November 16, 2022.

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hey divided Screenshots of the notification on Twitter.

Not everyone agrees with the change. An internet user said: “Religion will never become obsolete. If anyone wants their religion listed, so be it.”

Another added: “Facebook is totally useless no freedom of expression.”

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