A Victorian mother found a lottery ticket while cleaning her car

A Victorian mother had the surprise of her life and is now $580,000 richer after finding an old lottery ticket while cleaning out her car.

The ticket had been lying in the Benalla woman’s car among a pile of old receipts for more than four months.

It had been purchased from Benalla Pharmacy prior to Tattslotto drawing 4273 on July 2, but she had failed to register the entry and was unaware of her first division win of $580,525.35.

“I didn’t know about the win the entire time,” the woman told The Lott.

“I’ve been driving around in my car with this $580,000 lottery ticket for more than four months!”

The woman said she discovered the win while going through an old pile of receipts and lottery tickets hidden in her car.

“I took them straight to the local newsagent to check and the nice team member almost cried for me when the First Division notification popped up at the lottery terminal.

“The Benalla Pharmacy team know me as a regular, so it was a really sweet moment.”

The woman’s family didn’t believe she had won until they went to The Lott’s headquarters and it was confirmed.

“As soon as I broke the news to my sister and my mother, my sister said, ‘Are you guys getting cheated? Where are you?’” the woman said.

“I had to reassure her it wasn’t a scam. The next day we got up in the early hours of the morning and drove straight to The Lott HQ in Docklands to collect the prize.”

The woman said she plans to use the profits to buy her first family home and book a “long overdue” holiday.

“I’m really happy and grateful that I won,” said the woman.

“This is life changing for me.”

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