Huawei addresses the great business opportunity of digital transformation

Hosted by Informa, the forum took place during AfricaCom – the continent’s largest technology conference. In his speech, Hopkinson explained how important the digital economy has become and how it is shaping the business world.

“The digital economy is currently growing twice as fast as the traditional economy,” he said. “The digital economy has become an engine of economic growth. The pandemic has significantly accelerated the progress of enterprise digital transformation by seven years, leading to tremendous opportunities for operators.”

Hopkinson went on to point out that digital transformation also plays a role in making businesses greener.

“Extreme climate disasters have increased by 83% over the past 20 years, while energy prices have risen by 300% year-on-year in some regions,” he said.

“The telecom industry could help other sectors to save significant carbon emissions and energy by using digital technologies.”

Hopkinson also called for greater industry collaboration to ensure digital transformation is adopted as effectively as possible.

“Huawei invites all operators to jointly carry out better experience, smarter operations and richer business cooperation,” he said. “For better shared experience creation, Huawei believes that digital technologies such as cloud and AI, OSS data, BSS data and social data will be integrated with converged intelligent data, thereby maximizing data value and reforming business decision models through data-driven.” digital experience transformation.”

Hopkinson addressed fears that technology could take away jobs from people, noting that human-machine collaboration is the best way to achieve digital transformation. Human working model will change from “in-the-loop” to “on-the-loop” and will be more focused on setting intentions, choosing solutions and optimizing the machine.

As examples of how Huawei is helping operators to drive digital transformation for further business growth, Hopkinson pointed to the examples of 5G video calls and digital financial services. Some operators, he said, are treating 5G video calling as a strategic priority.

These operators already have more than 100 million customers. More than 390 million people around the world now use operator-powered mobile money services powered by Huawei’s fintech platform. By 2025, that number is expected to reach 2 billion worldwide.

However, both providers and operators must be aware that the network is becoming increasingly complex and the increasing variety of services resulting from the digital transformation requires more differentiated Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

“Huawei is willing to share our experience, facilities and resources as much as possible,” Hopkinson concluded.

“Together with our customers, we want to set up a joint innovation center in order to master the most pressing issues in the industry. We will do more. We will share more. We will do more!”

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