TikTok’s “passport makeup” trend is helping us take better ID photos

With the widespread use of filters on social media, it is becoming increasingly difficult to accept unflattering lighting, whether in front of the mirror or for a passport photo.

A problem that a multitude of TikTok users have sought to tackle through the “pass makeup” method – which they swear is a foolproof approach to taking better ID photos.

Are you one of the many people who are reluctant to take out their passport or driver’s license because they loathe their picture on the document?

While in many cases today it’s possible to take multiple shots or even add a filter to show up in the best light in identity photos, the results are rarely flattering, and with good reason.

The criteria for the validity of such a photo are becoming increasingly strict, with a clear goal: the recognizability of the individual in any context.

A special pass makeup look

However, Tiktokers are not fans of these limitations and largely favor style over practicality – despite the movement towards more natural beauty seen since the start of the Covid pandemic.

So when a user revealed a photo of her passport showing her wearing makeup like never before, the TikTok bullet was set on fire. For a few weeks now, the phenomenon on the Chinese social network has not stopped accumulating more than 120 and 7 million views respectively, with the hashtags #passportmakeup and #driverslicensemakeup.

What is it made of? A series of tutorials designed to increase your beauty potential in your identity photos. An unexpected trend that we owe to user Georgia Barratt, whose tips have already convinced millions of users.

The young woman, whose passport photo has already made the rounds on the internet, is said to have created the ideal beauty look for this type of photo and to have updated the trend of contouring – and layered make-up.

A real phenomenon

In a video shared tens of thousands of times, the user starts by brushing her brows for a perfect line, then applies a moisturizing base before moving on to the most sensitive — and time-consuming — part: the complexion. It’s about applying foundation, concealer, more concealer under the eyes and then going back to contouring… The idea is to cover up all the little imperfections and “lift” the facial features to get a flawless and radiant complexion.

Facial features are stretched, cheekbones are emphasized and the complexion is refined to direct light to the points and achieve a highlighting effect. All that remains is to enlarge the eyes with eyeliner – as subtly as possible so that the photo is accepted – and then to copy the mouth with a gloss and a pencil. That’s it.


@georgia.barratt in reply to @petassnym Yes I was on repeat all the way through #xyzbca #beauty #makeup like it was ♬ Original sound – georgia barratt

According to Georgia Barratt, this makeup look should be accepted by the authorities so that individuals can look their best on a passport, driver’s license or ID card. However, not all Tiktokers are convinced by this claim, according to comments posted below the video.

“Theoretically, if you want to travel without makeup, you can’t…” read one comment. “I’d rather be more beautiful in person than in the photo,” says another. While many users confirm this specific beauty, there are also many who point out that the young woman does not resemble the photo and that she actually looks better with a more natural makeup style.

strict criteria

Photo ID requirements vary by issuing agency, but generally there must be a resemblance and usually the face must be fully visible, hair must not be obscuring the face, and eyes must be fully visible and open.

In theory, Georgia Barratt’s photo meets all of those criteria, except perhaps for resemblance. It might be a detail to some, but it probably means a lot to authorities, who can reject a photo that doesn’t meet the requirements.

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