What is “spider web” in relationships?

You’ve probably heard of spring cleaning, how about some fall cleaning, this time for your relationships?

The term may conjure up spooky Halloween decorations, but the principle of the spider web in this context is to reflect on your relationships and take stock of what is preventing you from moving forward.

We explain.

How can you overcome the negative memories of a toxic relationship and move on? That’s the challenge of cobwebbing, this season’s newest dating trend.

The idea is to get rid of memories of places and objects associated with an ex to take steps to meet new people. In the middle of “cuff season,” it can be tempting to text your ex and suggest spending the winter together as a couple.

But cobwebs is an approach designed to ensure that doesn’t happen. Cobwebs encourages you to sort out your relationships.

Say goodbye to the people in your life who aren’t good for you, who drag you down. The idea is to make fresh starts with new people, both in friendships and in romance.

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According to Caroline West, Bumble’s sex and relationship expert, in comments from Stylist, “By actively ‘weaving’ through your past environment, you can feel empowered, more confident, and more open to new encounters.”

So how do we dust off our relationships? Easier said than done? “It can be a little trickier than just ‘removing’ cobwebs,” clinical sexologist and therapist Ness Cooper tells Metro.

To do this, the first step is to make time to grieve a relationship.

“Mourning the past and what may have been in the future is a healthy way to close the relationship and move on,” relationship coach Deb Morgan told Stylist.

The next step is to take stock of what you want to do next.

This allows you to project yourself into the future and gives you a sense of empowerment. Finally, stick with that decision and really turn the page on toxic relationships.

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