Energy prices: Peter Dutton says Anthony Albanese must make easing electricity bills a priority

Peter Dutton has warned of a “perfect storm” of economic destruction from the Labor government.

With Prime Minister Anthony Albanese proposing that senators and MPs sit longer than the next two weeks to pass the government’s key pieces of legislation – including the proposed Industrial Relations Bill and Anti-Corruption Bill – the opposition is pressuring the government from within itself instead to focus on combating skyrocketing energy prices.

Mr Albanese has vowed to find a solution to the crisis before the end of the year, which could include a price cap or a profits tax, but Mr Dutton says that must be the urgent priority.

“The government went to the polls and promised 97 times that they would cut people’s electricity bills by $275 and people expected that plan to go into the budget… There was no plan,” Mr Dutton told Sky News.

“Australian families and businesses are, I think, quite confused at the moment that the only word in the budget was that after two years of Labor government, when they put their policies in place, electricity prices are forecast to rise 56 per cent and the Gas prices up 44 percent.

“The problem is that Labor is always wrong on the big economic calls.

“I’m really worried about what the government is doing to the Australian economy and what will happen over the next few years if families and small businesses just can’t afford the projected price increases.”

The Prime Minister told Sky News earlier Sunday that his government was examining “a number of options” for cutting gas and electricity prices in Australia.

“We have said we will try to make an announcement before Christmas and we intend to do that,” he said.

One way the government wants to help workers meet the high cost of not just electricity but living expenses is through wage increases.

Mr Albanese said the IR Reform Bill will be one of his government’s top priorities over the next two weeks and is ready to allow parliament to sit longer to pass it.

“The parliament session (extra) doesn’t bother me at all. That’s what we get paid for,” he said.

“If the Senate needs additional time to consider any of the issues before it, then I would appreciate that. We have to make sure we raise wages.”

Mr Dutton, who has been a vocal opponent of the proposed legislation, said it should not be the priority.

“The government is trying to push through a 1970s-style economy-wide industrial relations law at just the wrong time,” he said.

Originally posted as Dutton says fixing the energy crisis must be a priority for Albanese as families struggle to turn on the lights

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