Medibank cyber attack: Russian hackers publish more datasets on the dark web

Russian hackers behind the egregious Medibank cyberattack have released another batch of deeply personal medical information after days of silence.

Four files containing 1,496 records were published on the dark web on Sunday, a Medibank spokeswoman confirmed.

123 records are from previously published files.

Lists included in the data include people with chronic medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and anemia, as well as people with cancer and mental illness.

“We are conducting further analysis of the files today to determine their accuracy. Previously released files do not match our records,” a Medibank spokeswoman said.

It comes just a week after the hackers demanded a $15.6 million ransom for the return of millions of customer records.

The health insurance does not want to pay the sum.

The Medibank spokeswoman made it clear that the persons named in the data were not necessarily the person being treated, but the policyholder.

“The person who received the treatment could be their partner in the policy or a relative – and the policyholder may not be aware that their partner or relative was receiving treatment,” the spokeswoman said.

Medibank CEO David Koczkar said anyone downloading the data is “committing a crime” and reiterated that the company is doing everything it can to support customers.

“We will continue to support all people affected by this crime through our Cyber ​​Response Support Program,” Koczkar said.

These include support for mental health and well-being, identity protection and measures in the event of financial hardship.

“If customers are concerned they should contact our Cybercrime Hotline, our Mental Health Hotline, Beyond Blue, Lifeline or their GP.”

Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner Reece Kershaw said last week authorities had identified Russian cybercriminals as “likely” culprits behind the breach.

AFP and the Foreign Signals Intelligence Agency are working together to apprehend the hackers.

Originally published when Russian hackers behind the Medibank cyberattack released thousands more records

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