Nicole Byer’s ideal Sunday in LA: pole dancing, party hopping

In “Sunday Funday,” the LA folks piece together their ideal Sunday in the city. Find ideas and inspiration on where to go, what to eat and how to enjoy life on the weekends.

When asked to describe her perfect Sunday in LA, comedian Nicole Byer reveled in one she experienced this summer.

“I went to two different parties,” says Byer, the host of Netflix’s ‘Nailed It’ and so many podcasts. First, she went to a pool party — a plus for the self-proclaimed water baby — followed by a BBQ with a bit of psychedelic mushrooms that left her “tingling”.

“Most of my friends are comedians or improvisers,” she says. “Usually when I’m with a bunch of friends at a time, I’m like, ‘Isn’t it nice that we’re all friends? That we’re all so nice and funny?’” Byer, who stars in “Grand Crew,” an NBC sitcom about a close friends group, says when people complain about making friends in LA, they forget that mutual ones Interests are key.

While Byers Sunday Funday plans focus on socializing (staying home in the early days of the pandemic was a struggle; at one point it was shaved her hair at 2 a.m.), she says there are many ways to create your own ideal day in Los Angeles.

“Look for concerts or flea markets,” she says. “Maybe you’re organizing a party or something. Do what makes you happy. If staying in bed makes you happy, there’s really nothing wrong with that. Live your best.” If you want to watch Byer perform standing up, curled up in bed, her special BBW: (Big Beautiful Weirdo) is streaming on Netflix.

Below is Byer’s take on a perfect Sunday in warmer weather. Here, the answers have been edited for length and clarity.

11 am: Write down your shower thoughts
First I go into the shower. A very good friend who I love very much got me a shower pad. It’s permanent paper and a permanent pencil, so if I think of a joke in the shower, it doesn’t go down the drain [laughs]. One joke I tell is a shower thought about my origin story as a villain. It’s a good joke when you see me live. I also feed my dog ​​Clyde. I think he’s like a Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix. I’ve had him for about seven years. He is so cute. I send him to school for the day so he has some social time too.

11:30 am Take a pole dance class
Then I go to a pole class in North Hollywood at Luscious Maven. My teacher is this wonderful lady named Veronica. She is so patient and she is so kind. She’ll say, “You can do this” when we both know that my fetta— will never be turned upside down. But it’s nice that she believes in me. I’m not good! I just find it impressive when someone wears the big shoes and doesn’t fall off. I used to wear 6 inch heels but have switched to 8 inch heels because ironically they are easier to walk on. I think it’s because the platform is bigger at the front. This puts less pressure on your toes and makes it easier for you to roll off on your front to do pirouettes and so on. And very rarely do you see strippers in 6 inch heels. The good guys are in 8.

I have a free standing pole outside that is 8 feet tall and the one in my office is 7 feet tall. But the poles in the studios are 11 so I can climb longer. That’s why I like going to the studio – and that’s how I can leave my office.

1:30 p.m.: Off to the pool
I would go back to my house to take a shower because I’m all sweaty now. Then I would go to a pool party. I love a good pool party. i love swimming I’m a real water baby. I love the sea. i love swimming pools I love being in the water and drinking in a pool. I love getting one of those refillable containers with the straw and filling it with ice cream and rosé. If I drink white, it has to be Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc. I learned during the pandemic that I can drink two bottles of this and not be hungover the next day. can you even It’s really a treat.

My best friend, Sasheer Zamata, would be there. Sasheer isn’t a swimmer, but she supports. She’ll stick a toe in. I am full body immersion.

6:30 p.m.: Go for a barbecue
I have to make it to another party. I brought another pair of underwear. I brought a bra. You have a new ensemble. My little natural hair is out. I’ve got a little headband on, maybe some mousse. I get into the jeep with the top down and drive to the next party. In June 2020 – I had already shaved my head – I was having some issues with not being with people. At one point I had a mohawk. I said, “You know what, I need to drive a Jeep.” I’ve always wanted one. So I traded my car for a jeep. You better believe it’s white like Cher Horowitz. I almost blacked out, but I figured if I got a Jeep, it was a nod to “Clueless.” You have to stay true to the white jeep.

I just go to the BBQ and say, “I’m sorry I didn’t bring anything. I should have, right?” But everyone always says, “Oh Nicole, don’t worry.”

7:15 p.m.: Build your burger exactly the way you like it
Then I’ll have a hamburger and cheese and you better think that’s it. give me dry [sings]! I went to In-N-Out once and I thought, “I don’t want the sauce or the onions. I just want cheese and meat.” And the lady looked at me and said, “So you want it dry?” That was the most unsavory way anyone has described a hamburger to me, but that’s how I want my hamburger: dry. I don’t want wet ingredients on my burger. It’s absolutely disgusting.

The party lasts quite a long time. Well into the night, long enough for people to say, “Would you like some mushrooms?” Of course you say yes. Here’s what people need to know about mushrooms: You don’t have to go on a full-blown journey. You can grab a cap or a stick or whatever or two squares of chocolate and just smile and giggle and feel tingly. But you can also take enough to cut down trees in your yard. I choose to feel sparkling because Monday is around the corner.

11:30 p.m.: Drive home safely
It’s Sunday and we’re in our 30’s and we’re old so the party ends at 11:30pm maybe midnight. I would probably take a Lyft home with me. I get my car the next day.

12:00 p.m.: Watch TV with your dog
I get home. I’m going for a walk with Clyde, who’s back from his friends. I take him for a walk and then I’m like, “Oh s- I didn’t feed him.” Then I feed him. I make sure his water bowl is full. Then I brush him to make him feel loved and we watch some TV. I checked out Love Is Blind and The Boys which is pretty wild. Sometimes I say, “Clyde, did you see that? [laughs]?”

1am: Start your sleep ritual
It’s time for bed. I tell my Apple TV “TV off” and tell Clyde we’re going to bed. He gets very excited and his ears perk up. I go get some treats because I give treats in bed. I go upstairs and put on some jams. I got a set from Fresh Print with tigers. Today is a good Sunday so I take my makeup off and use astringent and all that.

5:30 a.m. the next day: wake up
I wake up on Monday and I’m like, “Oh boy, I’m a little sad.” Sometimes I laugh so hard that I’m sad the next day. I wake up, take a quick shower and run out of my house to see. I pretend to be on time if the start time is 6am

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