Kids News Prime Minister’s Spelling Bee: Winners put Anthony Albanese’s knowledge to the test

The nation’s best young spellers have stunned the prime minister in a cricket that would shame the opposition.

Zachary Cheng, 13, Ozi Egesi, 11, and 10-year-old Joanne Lee were crowned champions in the prime minister’s spelling test in three age groups this year.

Part of her prize was the opportunity to meet Anthony Albanese at Parliament House and put his knowledge to the test.

Perth student Joanne asked if he could spell Vespers, a service of an evening prayer. But Mr. Albanese mixed up the word for the similar-sounding “Vespas”.

Unfortunately, things didn’t get any easier for the Prime Minister after Ozi decided to throw him a curveball.

“It’s a German word. It means state of consciousness. Awareness lag,” the 11-year-old told him.

“I won’t even try!” hello guild. Ozi, who scored a perfect 30/30 in this year’s 5-6 group, had it on the first try.

Focus then reached out to Melbourne student Zach, who the Prime Minister asked to ask him to spell an English word.

However, he didn’t get four letters in ‘magnanimous’, meaning generous or forgiving, before the 13-year-old stepped in to correct him.

The lucky students and their families rounded off the day with a personal tour of Mr Albanese’s office in Parliament.

All three students cited their love of reading as a key to their spelling success.

The prime minister told spellers his mother also instilled in him a passion for reading as a child.

“I read everything I could,” he said, before revealing that his favorite book of all time was Catch-22 by Joseph Heller.

The Prime Minister’s Spelling Bee is powered by Kids News, a free news source for high school students.

More than 61,000 students from 1,060 schools across the country took part in the competition.

Kids News editor Kamahl Cogdon said the competition will return “bigger and better” in 2023.

“It’s about fostering a love of learning and making education fun,” said Kamahl.

News Corp Community Ambassador Penny Fowler said Kids News is part of the organization’s commitment to “help improve children’s literacy.”

“We believe every child should have access to news from trusted sources. It’s really about us investing in future generations,” she said.

Originally released as a Spelling Bee winner, Anthony Albanese shows his skill

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