World Cup 2022: Joe Lycett wipes out $17,000 after David Beckham failed to end partnership with Qatar

Important points
  • Last week Joe Lycett said he’d blow $17,000 if David Beckham doesn’t back out of a World Cup promotional deal.
  • He urged Beckham to end the partnership due to Qatar’s treatment of the LGBTIQ+ community.
  • On Sunday, the comedian posted a video on Twitter in which he appeared to throw two large piles of cash into a shredder.
Comedian Joe Lycett has apparently blown £10,000 ($17,800) in cash in a live video on Twitter to protest “gay icon” David Beckham’s promotional partnership with Qatar.
Last week, Lycett released a video publicly urging the former England captain to end a multimillion-dollar endorsement deal with Qatar over the country
He gave Beckham a deadline of Sunday .

When the deadline was up, Lycett posted a short video on Twitter in which he didn’t speak but simply walked over to a shredder and threw in two large piles of cash.

The tweet was captioned “a platform for progress,” a reference to comments Beckham made about the Qatar tournament.
In the original video, Lycett described Beckham as a “gay icon” and cited his historic support of the LGBTIQ+ community.
“You were the first Premiership footballer to shoot with gay magazines like Attitude, to be open about your gay fans and you married a Spice Girl, which is the gayest thing a person can do,” he said.

“Qatar was voted one of the worst places in the world for gays; Homosexuality is illegal and punishable by imprisonment and, if you are Muslim, possibly even death.”

Should Beckham end the partnership, Lycett said he would donate the money to charities that support LGBTIQ+ people in football.

Beckham has yet to publicly respond to Lycett’s challenge.

What is Qatar’s record with the LGBTIQ+ community?

Ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup has come under the spotlight.

Homosexual activity is a criminal offense in Qatar and is punishable by imprisonment.

According to the LGBTIQ+ rights advocacy organization Human Dignity Trust, Qatar also operates an interpretation of Sharia law “where it is technically possible for men who engage in same-sex intimacy to be sentenced to death.”
Earlier this year, a Human Rights Watch (HRW) report included harrowing accounts of six members of the LGBTIQ+ community claiming they were arrested, beaten up and held in solitary confinement because of their sexuality or expressed gender.
The Organizing Committee for this year’s FIFA World Cup in Qatar has informed SBS News during the tournament.

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