A pregnant woman nearly dies in Texas because of strict abortion laws

Amanda Zurawski feels lucky to be alive after doctors failed to terminate an unviable pregnancy.

When she was about 18 weeks pregnant, the US woman’s waters ruptured and she was told the baby would not survive. It was devastating news – she and her husband Josh had just completed 18 months of fertility treatments to father their baby girl.

“We found out we were going to lose our baby,” said 35-year-old Amanda.

“My cervix had fully dilated 22 weeks prematurely and I was going to inevitably miscarry.”

When they asked the doctor if anything could be done to save the baby, they were given no hope. The baby was going to die, it was just a matter of when.

But because the couple lives in Austin, Texas, Amanda said that due to the state’s near-total abortion ban, they couldn’t terminate the pregnancy because the baby still had a heartbeat.

And because Amanda’s waters broke, she was at risk of infection.

She either had to wait until she got sick enough for doctors to intervene or miscarried herself.

“[They] because of the way the laws are written in Texas, have not been able to do their own jobs,” she said.

So Amanda was sent home and asked to watch for signs of infection.

“The nearest ‘state of refuge’ is at least an eight-hour drive away,” Amanda continued in an online essay the meteor.

“Developing sepsis — which can quickly be fatal — in a car in the middle of the West Texas desert or 30,000 feet above the ground is a death sentence.”

The couple decided to stay in Texas and within three days they knew something was wrong.

“We had a heat wave, I think it was 105 degrees (40.5C) that day and I was freezing. I was shaking, my teeth were chattering,” she said.

Josh was shocked at how quickly Amanda was deteriorating.

“To see her go from a normal temperature to the state she was in in maybe five minutes was really, really scary,” he said.

“Very fast, she went downhill very, very quickly. She was in a state I’ve never seen her in.”

Josh took his wife to the hospital where her temperature was 38.9C and she was unable to walk on her own and was not coherent. Here the temperature then rose to 39.5 °C.

“She didn’t really understand what was going on.”

Only now, when the situation was life-threatening, could the doctors finally act and end the pregnancy.

At that point, however, the antibiotics were not enough to stop the infection, nor was a blood transfusion. She had to be transferred to the intensive care unit because she developed symptoms of sepsis, a life-threatening emergency.

Then her blood pressure and platelets dropped.

“It was really scary watching Amanda fall,” he said. “I was really afraid that I would lose here.”

The couple is now sharing their story in a video series in which three obstetricians travel across America to help share the harm unfolding under abortion bans.

“We asked all of our doctors and our nurses if there was anything they could do, and they said no,” Amanda says in the video.

“I couldn’t make the decision for myself, we couldn’t make the decision for our daughter, our doctors couldn’t make the decision. They were just as angry as we were because their hands were tied. Had they acted, they would have been charged with a crime.”

Amanda says it was all unnecessary.

“[This] didn’t have to happen,” Amanda said of that day in August. “That’s what’s so upsetting about all of this, that we didn’t have to go through all that trauma — we shouldn’t have.”

Husband Josh is also upset.

“Amanda almost died. It’s not against life,” Josh said.

“Amanda will have challenges in the future as she has more children. It’s not pro life.”

Her uterus was scarred from the infection, meaning she may not be able to have more children, although she underwent surgery to try to repair the scars.

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