Charlotte County teacher encourages students to use racial slurs during reading session

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. — A seventh grader from St. Charles Catholic School, told his mother that a teacher encouraged the class to use slurs like the n-word.

“I called my son and he said it was awful, it was awkward, it was embarrassing,” the mother said.

His class read Tom Sawyer.

“Seventh graders acted out, which meant they would say the ‘n’ word out loud. The teacher then instructed the boys to just say the word so they could then continue with that passage of the book. Said Karen Barry Schwarz, Director of Communications for the Diocese of Venice.

The school sent this statement after parents complained via email.

The mother then told NBC2 that she decided to go to school and address the issue.

“I have to go down there and see that teacher myself and look that teacher in the face and ask her why she thought that was a good idea.” The mother said.

The school responded by sending a letter to parents stating, “The root cause of this problem is the consistently poor and immature behavior of many seventh graders.”

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