Kim Jong Un’s sister slams UN for ‘double standards’

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s powerful sister has slammed the UN Security Council for double standards after it called a meeting on launching an ICBM in Pyongyang, state media said on Tuesday.

The North fired an ICBM on Friday in one of its most powerful tests yet, prompting the Security Council to call an open session in New York on Monday.

Kim Jong Un’s sister Yo Jong accused the United Nations Security Council of “turning a blind eye to Seoul and Washington’s very dangerous military exercises” and “their greedy rearmament.”

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“This is obviously the application of double standards,” she said in a statement from the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

She said the United States, which she likened to “a barking dog full of fear,” is pushing the Korean Peninsula into a new crisis and warning of “the toughest countermeasure.”

“The more it targets the anti-DPRK actions, the more fatal it will become,” Kim Yo Jong said, using the North’s official name, the DPRK.

Kim Jong Un oversaw Friday’s launch, which KCNA said was a Hwasong-17 – dubbed a “monster missile” by analysts.

The missile flew 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) at an altitude of 6,100 km, the South Korean military said, only slightly less than the ICBM that Pyongyang launched on March 24.

The launch was the latest in Pyongyang’s record-breaking blitz of launches in recent weeks.

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Pyongyang and Moscow have repeatedly blamed them for Washington’s efforts to step up the protection it offers to allies Seoul and Tokyo.

Officials and analysts in Seoul and Washington say launches could build into a seventh nuclear test.

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