Man claims Garmin watch blew his hand

A warning has been issued after a man revealed his wrist suffered a painful burn from wearing his watch all the time.

The man reported the problem online Tuesday after his Garmin Forerunner 945 left him with an unsightly red blister that appeared to be from some kind of burn.

“One day my arm was itchy and I took it off in my truck and it blistered red,” said the man from Indiana, United States.

He shared a photo of what his arm looked like a week after first noticing the burn.

There was an oval red mark at the top of his wrist where the watch’s sensors would normally be located.

The man revealed that the watch company had sent him a new watch as compensation.

“Garmin sent me a brand new 945 because my last one burned a hole in my arm! Let’s try the other arm,” he said.

Of the dozens of people who responded, some claimed they too had burned themselves from frequent use of the watch.

“In fact, the same thing happened to me [Forerunner] 935. So crazy. I had to stop wearing it when it was wet. I switched back and forth a few times until it finally stopped. Now I have a 945, no problems,” one person replied.

“You have a [Garmin] Phoenix. Had a similar problem but not as bad. Just a noticeable difference just below,” said another.

Several suspected that the man may have reacted to the watch’s strap.

“I know several people who have come up with a similar looking sign, but it was all down to a reaction to the band,” one wrote.

The man later added the company suggested he may have been wearing it too tight or in the water for too long.

“They told me it might be too tight. Or maybe I’d worn it too long, in the shower. But I think the charging port needs a cover,” he said.

Someone suggested he buy a small plug to plug over the charging port.

“I’ve been using this small adjustment on my Fenix ​​watches for years – never had a problem. It’s just a silicone “plug” that was part of a whole cover thing I got off the net,” they wrote.

Garmin was contacted by for comment.

Originally posted as a “warning” after a man claimed he had observed burns to his wrist while exercising

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