UW-Madison offers returning students $5,000 to live off campus

Madison, Wis. (CBS 58) — UW-Madison’s record high freshman enrollment presents a double-edged sword — a renewed interest in graduating, but a real problem of where to place all those students.

The school has enough dormitories for about 9,000 people.

This year alone there were almost 8,000 new students. The housing office got creative.

They turned double rooms into triples and also turned lounges into bedrooms.

But when that wasn’t enough, they offered returning students several offers, including $5,000 to give up the dormitories.

“I liken it to an overbooked flight, where you have to see who is willing to choose another option and who needs to stick with the option you chose,” said Brendon Dybdahl, director of marketing and communications, UW Housing. “And so we gave our students some incentives if they could live off campus.”

Two hundred students took either the $5,000 or the free meal plan, and 76 students took the free housing option.

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