Arabic Hymns: Music as a Powerful Tool in Cinema

Arabic Hymns: Music as a Powerful Tool in Cinema

Credit: Mille

There is a close relationship between music and cinema: here the two media work together harmoniously to produce art. Music plays an important role in films: it helps build tension, set the tone, amplify emotions, alter perceptions, and often has the ability to express unspoken thoughts that underlie the drama.

Although every film experience is primarily visual, the auditory element in a film’s soundtrack is an underlying factor that can evoke specific emotions and responses – which resonate with each viewer personally.

From Ramallah-based record label BLNTM, Jordanian indie band Autostrad and Egyptian rapper Husayn: Arab artists have sung about injustice, love and loss and politics. In many ways, for these artists, music represents their own reality.

For her listeners, her music traverses hidden emotions. To the world, they include boldness, bravery, and art. Here is a playlist inspired by Arab films screened at the 44th edition of the Cairo International Film Festival, including the Palestinian film Alam (Flag), the Egyptian film 19B and the Egyptian-British joint production The swimmers”.

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