“I need Gordon Ramsay ASAP” — the viral TikTok “burger” hit

TikTok is at it again. The short video format app is usually praised for its innovative food recipes, clothing ideas, hacks, life advice, dance challenges and much more, but the latest viral food recipe has most netizens fighting the urge to vomit.

The recreation of TikTok creator Jane Brain’s humble burger @myjanebrain has over 3.2 million views on the app and over a million on Twitter.

‘Potato Chip Burger’

The recipe is simply amazing, including her caption: “I never make burgers any other way.”

Jane has a simmering pan, after creatively shaping the ground beef into a smiley face, she then adds eggs to the ground beef’s eyes and mouth. She seasons it with salt and then adds a packet of lightly salted Lay’s potato chips, spreading them around the meat and then placing lightly salted Lay’s on top.

WATCH: Viral TikTok “burger” recipe


I never make burgers any other way

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The food content creator then pours some light cream around the chips, puts slices of butter around the pan, and then adds parsley and seasoning salt.

Jane says she’s trying to get the chips crispy again while adding some mixed cheese to the mixture and covering the pan to cook.

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Turning the ground beef over, Jane comments on the chips, “These actually look like mashed potatoes, you can’t tell me… Now that’s a burger.”

People who saw the video didn’t feel that way. Jane’s comments section has over 12,000 comments, many calling for intervention for her kitchen and even asking Gordon Ramsay to intervene.

“I need Gordon Ramsay as soon as possible”

Viral TikTok burger recipe slammed.  Image: Screenshot
Viral TikTok burger recipe slammed. Image: Screenshot
Viral TikTok burger recipe slammed.  Image: Screenshot
Viral TikTok burger recipe slammed. Image: Screenshot

Chefs responded to the viral video, with many questioning why Jane didn’t just use real potatoes and many never wanting to try her recipe.

Although people comment that the content of Jane’s Brain might be satire and shouldn’t be taken seriously, her entire TikTok account is dedicated to her outrageous recipes.

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