Kmart is releasing a limited edition full-length version of the pricey Hollywood mirror

Seasoned shoppers rave about an “incredible” find at Kmart after the store announced it would be dropping more than 100 limited-edition items in stores.

The budget retailer has added 113 different “special items” as part of its Black Friday sale for 2022 – including a “full-length Hollywood mirror” priced at just $279.

While it’s not the cheapest item you can buy from the Australian retailer, social media users have pointed out that the Kmart version is “hundreds of dollars cheaper” than the iconic lighted mirrors – which are known for being featured in To be used in celebrity dressing rooms – sold by other outlets.

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A major Australian beauty brand is selling a similar version for $850 – while another has priced it at $900, making the Kmart price an “absolute steal”.

“This Hollywood mirror is such a steal; I need it,” explained a shopper on TikTok.

“What an offer. So good,” said another.

And someone else wrote: “That’s honestly an incredible price. It’s hundreds of dollars cheaper than other brands.”

The “Superstar” mirror contains 20 “Hollywood-style” LED lights and has three settings – cool, warm and natural. It also features touch sensor control and is fully dimmable.

Other items in the annual sale that have shoppers frothing is a giant above-ground pool that measures 10 feet by 7 feet by 26 inches tall and is priced at $139.

The Bestway pool set comes complete with pool, frame and pump and holds 3300 liters of water – and has been described by buyers as ‘so good value’.

“We have one of these and they’re so good – they lasted all summer last year and it’s all set for another one,” explained a Kmart fan on Facebook.

However, many urged others to check the fence regulations, stating that it “may not be worth the effort” due to the size and amount of water needed.

“We still need a fence around it. I got one of these pools last year and my neighbor put me on the council for not having a fence around it. I was told by the council to either fence off the pool or dismantle it,” one person wrote.

“Needs a legal security gate right around it that costs 10x the cost of the pool,” added another.

Kmart’s Black Friday sales began at 8am Thursday, with the store warning that there is “limited stock” for each item it offers.

Originally posted when shoppers were fuming over Kmart’s “incredible” dupe of a $900 item

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