Party season is upon us, so get your friends together and go crazy creating your own pizzas at home.

When it comes to casual gatherings, nothing quite likes a pizza. While wrestling in your favorite flavor is easy (and predictable), going the extra mile and making your loved one a pizza from scratch is the next level. Check out our list of what you need to get the pizza party started – and some fun accessories to express your love for all things pizza.

The Ooni Koda 12 and Koda 16 models have your pizza ready in 60 seconds. No assembly, no mess, no fuss. Cooking outdoors with gas has never been easier. Black Friday Sale, Koda 12 $659. Code 16, $990.40

Crafted from Tasmanian woods, these French-style rolling pins are considered by chefs to be the most effective design for making pastry, pizza or pasta. Rolling Pins, $59.

Designed for the simple task of gently turning or maneuvering baked goods in the oven. 170mm Head Turning Peel is $71.20.

You can’t eat it, but you can always look at it longingly and come up with pizza themes in between. Pizza Embraces Heart Gemstone Charm Bead 925 in Sterling Silver, $62.95

Start from scratch. Molini Pizzuti Italian Type ‘0’ Plain Pizza Flour is only $3.49.

This ceramic pizza stone is perfect for giving your pizza a crispy crust. The 33cm stone absorbs moisture and heats evenly to prevent soaking. Stone set with stand and cutter, $16.99.

This stainless steel pizza cutter makes a fun gift for a cyclist or pizza lover. Handmade Bicycle Pizza Cutter, $24.50.

Nothing beats a salami and stinky feet to starve the hunger.

Naples Pizza Socks, $29.95.

You know you’re about to have a great day when a pizza slice tries to woo you. Blue Q Kitchenware Tea Towel, $27.90.

Each personalized dough scraper is engraved with a handy ruler for measuring sections of dough. It costs $34.30.

Originally released as a dream party setup for every pizza lover

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