This is how South Africa’s most popular drink, oros, is made

The citizen recently had the very rare opportunity to take our cameras into Tiger Brands’ beverage plant in Germiston.

One of the country’s largest food producers, the company has been part of South African households for generations, making every child’s favorite drink.

The company now known as Tiger Brands was founded in 1981 by Murray & Roberts as Brookes LEMOS and Moir’s.

Back then they produced drinks like Oros, Lemos, Multi Z and Sodastream concentrates.

Having bought the company from Bromor Foods in 2000, Tiger Brands still produces the iconic Rose’s liqueurs and has recently added two new flavors to the range.

Rose’s lime juice was the world’s first commercially produced fruit concentrate, patented in 1867.

The popular sports drink Energade was also one of her staples between 2000 and 2006.

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A fascinating process

Led by Plant Manager Ajay Bachulal, the tour started from the point where the bottles for the Oros were converted from tube containers to the 2 liter concentrate bottles that you can buy in the shop.

Production manager Molefe Mosebi explained how small tubes are heated on the production line and inflated to the desired size – whether it’s the 750 ml bottle or the 2 liter bottle.

The tubes are placed in an oven where they are heated to soften the hard plastic, after which they are sent to the blower to blow air into the heated tube to bring it to the required size.

The bottles are then filled with the Oros concentrate and capped, after which they go through a camera to inspect the product for leaks or other defects.

After the bottles have been inspected, they are labeled on a conveyor and then packed in six to pack them.

20,000 bottles of Oros go through this process every hour, and around a million liters of Oros concentrate are produced at the plant every day.

Check out the process below:

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