Kim Kardashian’s chic Plumbers Chic dress with a plunging neckline has been roasted online

Kim Kardashian’s brutally roasted for a revealing dress she released under her Skims brand — with many calling it ‘scandalous’.

The smooth lounge low back keyhole dress retails for $160 but has been dubbed a “butt cleavage” dress by fans because of the odd position of its “ultra-obvious” neckline.

While the unusual garment launched in late October, shoppers are now getting it in the mail, prompting a deluge of brutally honest online reviews.

One TikTok user described the form-fitting dress as “giving plumber chic,” and joked she’s “always wished for a dress she could leave her poop on.”

In her hilarious video, @emilywithanimals pixelated her bare butt to keep the 87,000 viewers from getting an eyeful.

She also claimed she commented on Skim’s Instagram, but the comments kept getting “removed.”

Reaction to Emily’s video was equally amused, with many teasing it “Kath and Kim vibes.”

“Skims has been through a lot of shit lately,” one scoffed.

“I’m so dead. It’s a shame because it looks lovely from the front,” added another.

As one speculated, “They designed this one exclusively for those of us who got tramp stamps in the ’00s.”

Emily isn’t the only person to have called the dress unusual, with some calling it “scandalous.”

“Just to confirm butt cleavage is not on my wish list,” wrote one.

“Where should I wear this?” asked another.

While another simply said, “Cracking up.”

Not everyone didn’t like it though, with some claiming it would look great with a pretty G-string underneath.

Despite the fact that this daring design fell flat, many women love the Skims line – particularly the brand’s signature shapewear products.

However, the popular “thong bodysuit,” which retails for $87, has a hidden flaw, according to TikTok creator Kathryn Mueller.

“No one mentioned that. This body literally hurts,” she said.

“First we put the cotton pads in,” she explained, noting that the bodysuit is see-through.

Pointing out the seams that cut into her hips, she commented, “I’m on the smaller end of small/medium sizes.”

“I’ve only been wearing this for a few minutes and it’s so uncomfortable.”

Kathryn showed the marks on her hips from the tight seams of the bodysuit.

“It’s only a matter of time before I get serious red spots,” she noted.

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