Medihelp Medical Aid, service with 117 years in the industry

“As a 117-year medical device company, we have witnessed all of the turmoil, change and opportunity in this industry. A fact that still holds true is that hasty decisions can be costly decisions for members. As the growth of this industry is limited and consists primarily of attrition, members should be wary of being lured into changing their medical assistance by promises of lower premiums for non-medical aids or delayed premium adjustments, which may result in them being at Holding on to an option doesn’t meet their needs because they used up the credit facility on their savings account earlier in the year. Members should also be wary of downgrading to the cheapest option offered, as doing so may incur additional out-of-pocket expenses that could potentially far exceed their monthly subscription savings,” said Ettie Da Silva, General Manager of Medihelp.

It’s also important to distinguish between health insurance coverage and health plans that don’t offer the same level of coverage. It is therefore recommended that you contact the health insurance scheme or speak to an accredited advisor to assess your needs and advise you on the option that best suits your needs before making a commitment. To assist potential members in this regard, Medihelp offers a feature on its website that allows customers to request a Medihelp advisor to contact them for a free accredited consultation.

As the health needs and living conditions of consumers vary, we have designed the Medihelp product range to offer variety. At Medihelp, we’ve found that consistency in our offering and communication, maintaining the balance between price and value, easy-to-understand products, and straightforward messaging are key to attracting and retaining members. We improved the Medihelp experience a few years ago by repositioning the brand, increasing the price and performance competitiveness of the product range and evaluating the customer journeys to optimize the service experience. “The award as a top 3 performance ranking in the Ash Africa Orange Index 2022®the most referenced customer experience benchmark in South Africa, has confirmed that the team’s hard work is paying off,” says Da Silva.

Over the past year, Medihelp’s membership has experienced significant organic growth and now stands at over 204,000 beneficiaries.

The Medihelp product range offers a number of healthcare solutions:

  • Four important options providing coverage for students, entry-level professionals, and young and healthy individuals seeking quality medical care without an expensive expense – these options focus on ensuring coverage in the event of hospitalization or a traumatic event with reduced performance for the day medical Expenditure,
  • Three savings planscreated for young families and those who prefer the flexibility of choice that these options bring and
  • Five Comprehensive Planswith contributions for larger families and benefits for more advanced health needs.

Medihelp is inspired by the Ask Africa Orange Index® rating and the positive response to the changes we are introducing to continue improving the Medihelp experience for all of its stakeholders.

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