7-year-old who broke dress code by wearing spaghetti straps refused lunch

An angry mother in the US has blown up her first grader’s school after she allegedly refused to serve her daughter lunch because she was wearing spaghetti straps.

Mum Harley posted a video explaining how her daughter’s school reportedly gave her the cold shoulder for breaking the dress code New York Post reports.

“Update on my first year being denied lunch because of the spaghetti straps on her shirt,” Harlie said in the video, which has amassed over a million views.

“You guys aren’t going to like it, and I really don’t like it,” she continued.

The video is a follow-up to her first video detailing the incident, which she captioned “POV: You’re Raising a First Grader in the South,” in reference to the southern United States where they live.

Harlie said she had no idea the school didn’t allow spaghetti straps because she was in the hospital with ongoing medical issues at the time her daughter was admitted, so her grandma took care of all the forms.

Harlie hasn’t denied that the outfit violated school rules, but she is angry at how the school decided to deal with the faux pas.

“We broke the dress code, yes, 100%. I went in there and told them my problem wasn’t the dress code,” Harlie said in the clip.

Harley – who expected to speak to the school to find a solution that works for everyone involved – is appalled by the school’s response.

“They got combative instead and I’m really disappointed,” she said.

She claimed a teacher tried to convince her that her daughter lied about being taken out of lunch, but that another teacher supported her daughter’s version of the story.

A teacher also apparently lied about how long the child was dragged out of lunch, going so far as to say Harlie’s daughter was “walking too slowly.”

“I believe my child,” Harley said.

“She doesn’t lie to me about things, not like that.”

Harlie asked the school for a dress code waiver form, which it says no longer exists since mask requirements were lifted.

Harlie explained that she will continue to allow her daughter to dress however she pleases and that if the school has a problem with that, they should call her instead of refusing to eat her daughter.

If the problem persists, Harley threatened to pull her child out of school.

“Your answer is to pull her out of college?” The mother said the school asked here.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I intend to do because if a teacher is too distracted by the shoulders of a 7-year-old to continue teaching, I don’t want her in that classroom,” she replied.

“Number two, if your solution is to starve them out and shame them in front of their friends, yes I’m about to pick them up,” she added.

Harlie said she is currently looking for other schools in the area that might be a better fit for her family.

In a follow-up video, Harlie said she spoke to a lawyer, who told her that denying a child a meal at school is actually illegal.

Commenters on Harlie’s videos were quick to rush to her defense and backed up the attorney’s disclosure.

“Dress codes are wrong and when the teacher is so distracted over your daughter’s shoulders I would question the teacher’s morals,” said one.

“Regardless of whether or not the dress code is broken, it is illegal to deny a student a meal or time for lunch,” said another.

“As a middle school teacher, I refuse to enforce the dress code,” said a third.

This article originally appeared in New York Post and is republished here with permission.

Originally posted when mom claims kid’s school ‘starved’ over spaghetti straps here.

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