A massive influx of Huntsman spiders is sweeping Australia

Southeastern parts of Queensland could soon be overrun by hunting spiders thanks to recent wet weather creating perfect conditions for the eight-legged arachnids.

A massive influx of huntsman spiders has been noted in homes and gardens across the region.

While huntsman spiders are not considered dangerous, many people still fear them when they see them indoors.

Experts warn of an explosion from hunters in the coming weeks.

Ecological data scientist at the University of Sydney, Dr. Eliza Middleton, Customs The morning show Huntsman spiders are loving the recent weather conditions brought on by la Nina.

She went on to explain that the hot and wet weather of the past few weeks has created the “perfect breeding conditions” for the creepy crawlies.

“You are getting taller; We’re entering our third year with perfect conditions for spiders and pretty much all invertebrates,” said Dr. Middleton.

“With all the rain and the warmer weather now, we have a lot more food and extra food for them, so with that extra food they can get they can grow bigger.”

Huntsman are regularly sighted by many Queenslanders, but many still cringe when they see one.

Gabriella Pizzato, an influencer and model who recently relocated to the Gold Coast, shared her terrifying discovery with her 18.6k TikTok followers in September while sitting on the toilet.

In selfie mode, she filmed herself in shock with her hand over her mouth.

“I just went to the bathroom, and I got up and I flushed the toilet, and there’s a freakin’ big spider under the seat,” she told her followers.

Owner of Northern Pest Services, Raneet told Verma The courier post He has noticed an increase in pest infestations in homes in recent weeks.

‚ÄúSpiders, cockroaches and ants are a big problem right now; I’m seeing 50 percent more of this infestation than in previous years,” said Mr. Verma.

“Right now there are a lot of daddy longlegs and hunters in homes, as well as American cockroaches infesting kitchens, especially dishwashers.”

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