Moon Dog Brewery recalls seltzer due to health concerns

A popular alcoholic drink has been recalled over fears people could get sick if they hit one back.

Moon Dog Brewery’s berry- and grape-flavored summer seltzer are both being recalled for secondary fermentation.

The 6% liquor was sold in a mixed 10-pack and a mixed 3×10-pack.

The product is available from Liquorland, First Choice Liquor Market & Vintage Cellars across Australia. It was only sold at Liquorland in Tasmania.

The drink expiration dates are August 1, 2023, August 2, 2023, and August 30, 2023.

“Products that contain excess alcohol and carbonation can cause illness/injury when consumed,” the Food Standards Board said.

“Consumers should not drink or open this product and dispose of it safely.”

Anyone who bought the seltzer should contact the brewery for a refund.

Originally published as Moon Dog Brewery commemorates seltzer due to health concerns

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