The man has been criticized for calling himself a coveted “hot dad”.

A self-proclaimed hot dad hasn’t gotten the reaction he was hoping for after posting a video online complimenting his own looks.

TikTok user @warfordd used the video app to join a viral trend on the song Kute & Neat by Sasique, which includes a line about taking snaps for people who can’t help but talk about you.

The trend is seeing people spell out the words before suddenly freezing when a camera click goes off.

“Being the ‘hot dad’ on the school run,” the TikToker wrote about his video.

But many people were less than impressed by the man’s cheeky video as many school moms blasted him.

“I have the ick,” said one.

Another added: “No rest assured we like the dads in work uniforms.”

One simply said they suffered from second-hand embarrassment because of the clip.

One added: “Um, no dude! We like the construction dads who look like they’ve had a hard day’s work, not a pretty boy, we like men!”

Another said her husband thinks the same way as the TikTok user.

“That’s why my boyfriend loves school runs, he thinks all moms love him,” she said.

One said: “As a school run mom, I’m sorry to say we don’t search, we have at least five other things on our minds when we drop the kids off!”

Originally released as “Hot Dad”, it was criticized for a video about the daily school run

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