The Best Episodes of ‘Dateline’ You Must Watch

date line will return for a brand new season in 2023, with fresh episodes that tackle international issues and connect audiences with stories from around the world. You can watch it on SBS on Tuesdays from 9.30pm or above .
While we wait for the new episodes, take a look back at some of Dateline’s best documentaries from 2022, available to stream now.

Italy’s one-euro houses

Rising real estate prices have made home ownership seem impossible to many. So imagine a place where you can buy a house for just one euro. Dateline travels to Italy to investigate the rural town rejuvenation program.

Putin’s child soldiers

Filmed in Ukraine in the run-up to the war, Dateline examines the Russian military and patriotic education programs that turn children into soldiers and reveals why so many young Russians are ready to fight for Putin.

Senior sex and the city

Dating and sex aren’t just for young adults. Dateline meets the seniors looking for love and lust after two years of isolation in New York City.

Japan’s taken children

Dateline is reporting from Japan on the controversial sole custody system that has embroiled 82 Australian children in parental abduction and custody cases, preventing some parents from seeing their children.

Love and Race in South Africa

Dateline travels to South Africa to see if love can conquer all in a country still racially divided.

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