Poland seeks answers after top police officer injured by exploding poison on visit to Ukraine

Poland’s top police officer was injured and hospitalized when a gift he received on a visit to Ukraine exploded at police headquarters in Warsaw, Poland’s Interior Ministry said on Thursday.
Jaroslaw Szymczyk, Commander-in-Chief of the Polish Police, received the gift from one of the heads of Ukraine’s emergency services during a visit to the country on December 11-12.
“As a result of the explosion, the commander suffered minor injuries and has been in hospital for observation since yesterday,” the ministry said in a statement, adding that the incident happened on Wednesday.
It wasn’t immediately clear what the gift was.

The ministry said a civilian employee at police headquarters was also injured but did not require hospitalization.

There was no immediate response from Ukraine’s security service SBU to a Reuters request for comment on the incident.
Polish media had previously reported that an explosion at police headquarters injured General Szymczyk and damaged the building’s ceiling.

“The Polish side has asked the Ukrainian side for relevant explanations,” the ministry said.

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