National Weather: Perth bushfires, Mildura floods

As 100 firefighters battle a runaway blaze near Perth, parts of Victoria brace for severe flooding.

Meanwhile, parts of Australia are still shaking from below-average December temperatures just a week before Christmas, dashed many plans to soak up the summer sun.


Mildura and surrounding towns in the far north of the state are witnessing one of the worst floods in 70 years.

The Murray River has peaked in Mildura after months of warnings – and while it’s not as high as expected, there are warnings the flow won’t recede until January.

Farther south, while Melbourne shivered on its coldest December morning since 2001 last week.

But it’s not expected to last long as temperatures are expected to rise to 30C on Wednesday before rain starts in the days leading up to Christmas.


Multiple bushfire warnings are in effect as 100 firefighters battle to bring multiple blazes under control around Perth, with warnings hot and dry conditions will further exacerbate fire risks in the coming days.

A runaway bushfire in south-west Perth threatens lives and homes, with an emergency alert active for parts of Henderson and Wattleup in Kwinana.

Residents were asked to evacuate.

Perth will continue to experience warm temperatures for the remainder of the week.


Neither Sydney nor Canberra have recorded another 30 degree day this month.

Canberra last week experienced its coldest December morning since 1992, well below the monthly average temperature.

Normally Canberra experiences more than seven days above 30C in December but none have been recorded so far.

Similarly, Sydney has not yet risen above 30°C either, with average maximum temperatures not exceeding 25°C.

The polar vortex and wind pattern responsible for the low temperatures should ease sometime during the week, but both capitals are not expected to hit 30C.

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