Woman told to wait 800 days for ASOS delivery

A woman from Ireland went viral this week when she published an email claiming that her ASOS order of New Balance sneakers would take at least 803 business days to arrive “due to a delay at our delivery partner”.

“My friend ordered a package from my ASOS and it arrived 803 business days later than expected. She only has to wait 26 months for the package,” Kerri Kinsella quipped Wednesday in a Twitter post that has garnered more than 12,000 likes New email reported.

Ms Kinsella, 30, told Jam Press that she paid for next-day delivery from ASOS for a whole year – which made the whole sole-crushing experience even more puzzling.

A Twitter user responded to Ms Kinsella’s post with his own alleged ASOS notification of the late delivery.

The order date was December 11th and the buyer was told that the item “will now arrive 2040 working days later than expected”.

The package is due in March 2031 if you exclude weekends and holidays.

An ASOS spokesperson told Jam Press: “We are aware that some customers have received emails saying their package has not been delivered for quite a while.”

The fashion retailer’s statement continued: “We apologize for the error caused by a technical issue on our end which has now been resolved. We have contacted all affected customers to inform them that their packages are arriving a day later than planned – not a decade!”

The kicks, which Ms Kinsella’s friend ordered on Dec. 12, were to be delivered by Fastway Couriers, according to Jam Press.

The company did not respond to a request for comment from the outlet.

There are several Reddit threads having issues with the company’s service in Ireland.

Ms Kinsella and her friend didn’t address the situation – instead they laughed.

“I figured the sneakers she ordered would probably be in style now, out of style, and back in style when they got delivered,” she said.

“We laughed about it but it just reassured us that we should never ever trust ASOS for next day delivery.”

Twitter users also had a field day in the comments.

“I’d almost keep it just to see if it actually arrives in 803 days LOL,” said one.

“I hope this is a mistake,” remarked another.

Another person delivered the classic phrase, “Better late than never.”

“OMG hope it was worth the wait,” wrote one commenter.

This article originally appeared in the NY Post and is reproduced with permission

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