Christmas Weather: Rain, monsoon, heatwave across Australia in the final run up to Christmas

Christmas Day is likely to be warm and sunny across most of the country, with the possibility of a heatwave spreading across the southernmost states in the last week of 2022.

The coming week could bring drenched rains, with most southern states facing significant downpours.

By the weekend, however, wet conditions are expected to subside and give way to warmer days.

“The actual real heat will build up in South Australia just after Christmas,” said Sky News meteorologist Rob Sharpe.

“We may even see a small heat wave in the far south.”

This is what the weather looks like in the coming days in the individual states.


NSW expects a cooler start to the week with temperatures in the early to mid 20s.

The storms will hit Thursday and continue to advance north of the state through Friday night.

“Day by day it’s getting a little warmer in NSW than the day before,” Mr Sharpe said.

“Friday is looking to peak as we were finally able to hit 30C in Sydney.”

For the first time in 30 years, Sydney has yet to record a 30C day this late in the season.

There is a chance for storms to persist on the NSW-Queensland border into Christmas Day.


Showers and storms are active across South Australia from Monday but will push east Tuesday afternoon.

In Adelaide, mercury could hit 34C and remain high despite storms lingering over the state through Wednesday.

On Thursday the temperature drops to a minimum of 15°C and remains cool and cloudy until Christmas Day when the sun is due to rise.

A high of 30C is forecast for Sunday.


The showers will invade Victoria from Wednesday evening and will continue into Saturday morning.

Thunderstorms are possible in Melbourne on Thursday, although the temperature is expected to remain high at 27C.

It will cool down directly on Friday, before there are sunny, partly cloudy days for Saturday and Sunday.


The holiday season will be sunny for most of the week in Queensland.

The temperature will remain in the high 20s all the way into Sunday.

The extreme south of the Sun State will begin to experience blustery conditions on Christmas Eve morning.

Things are not looking good for most of south Queensland for Christmas Day, with significant rains set to settle around the NSW border.


The Top End is at risk of severe gale conditions which will worsen later this week.

They are expected to flow from the northern tip of the country and further south into the center of the Northern Territory by the weekend.

“There will be a tropical depression but little chance of seeing a tropical cyclone this week,” Mr Sharpe said.

“We may even see the first arrival of the monsoon, but it may not be until next week that we officially see that.”


Tasmania is expected to remain cooler than most other states this week, with the mercury unlikely to crack 25C in Hobart.

For Christmas Day it is expected to be partly cloudy with showers.


In the west of the country, temperatures are expected to remain in the mid-30s through Christmas.

The sun is shining in Perth and the blue skies make for a glorious week.

On Sunday the weather cools slightly to 30C with strong winds likely to brush the coastal edge.


The nation’s capital will see sunny skies early in the week, but temperatures are likely to remain in the mid-to-low 20s through Friday.

Showers are forecast to sweep across the state through the end of the week.

On Saturday the sun returns bringing the temperature to 27ºC.

Expected to rise back to 30C for Christmas Day with clear skies.

Originally published as Wilde weather forecast for the run-up to Christmas

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