Have you ever dedicated a love song on LA radio? Tell us about it

If you’ve ever turned on the radio during a late-night drive, you’ve probably heard Al Green’s “Tired Of Being Alone” or the Shirelles’ “Dedicated to the One I Love.” LA stations love to play love songs.

Whether you were an engaged listener of Karen Sharp “Love Songs on the Diet” or “The Art Laboe Connection”, The special part of these shows were messages that people would call with.

For a story we’re putting together for Valentine’s Day, I want to know if you’ve ever dedicated a song to someone. A swarm? Or maybe a partner, ex, friend or family member? what song was it What did you say in your dedication? What happened afterwards? Did the person hear the message? If it was for your crush, did a relationship form? If it was for your partner, did the relationship work out? Tell us the whole story by filling out the form below. (You can also email me directly at julia.carmel@latimes.com.)

If you have a photo with the person you requested a song for, please feel free to include it in the form as well. Also, feel free to share any memorable songs or dedications that stuck in your mind as a listener.

To ensure your story is considered for publication, please submit it by Friday 1-5pm PST.

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