SA Floods: Ponde levee collapses, sending floodwaters to Murraylands

Dramatic video shows flood water pouring through a nearly 50-year-old dam in South Australia, forcing residents to evacuate or risk being stranded.

The levee at Ponde, some 100km east of Adelaide, was split in two on Sunday when floodwaters from the Murray River forced their way through the wall designed to protect the nearby community.

Residents were warned just after 11am to evacuate immediately or risk being isolated from power and critical supplies.

“There was a dam breach near Ponde that could endanger your safety,” the SES said.

“This flooding is expected to result in your property being isolated.”

Weidenhoper Rd, Skinner Rd, Reserve Parade, Kenny Rd and Ponde Landing Rd will likely all be affected.

Homes were sandbagged to ward off the worst of the rising floodwaters that swept through neighboring towns throughout the afternoon.

Thirteen flood warnings remain in place across the state of SA, including six requiring immediate evacuation. They include:

  • Kingston-On-Murray Trailer Park
  • Renmark Riverbend Caravan Park
  • Walker apartment
  • Upper River Murray
  • Lower River Murray
  • Overland Corner Hotel

A watch-and-act message was then issued at 4:30 p.m. for the town of Murrawong, near Mypolonga.

The SES said “there is a risk of flooding for Murrawong due to a possible dam rupture that could endanger your safety”.

Originally posted when Ponde residents were told to leave or be stranded if the flood levee breaches

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