Christmas Gifts Guide: Special Edition for Wearable Items

With the December season and holiday season officially upon us, many people will be rushing to give their loved ones something special, and in this edition of our Christmas gift guide we’re here to help with special wearable items.

Christmas Gift Guide: Special Wearable Items

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For some of us, fitness will be the last thing on our minds for the next few weeks until the New Year’s plans and goals take effect.

But why not start now?

Lisa Raleigh has been a trusted figure in the health and wellness industry in South Africa for over 20 years, creating quality brands to match.

From their recreational fitness classes, Raleigh have an activewear brand called Body Kind for all of our fitness and casual wear needs.

Body Kind is suitable for all types of exercise, for your hard training and casual wear when you need to go to the shops or for a coffee before or after your workout.

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Athleisure items range from mesh detail t-shirts, reversible jackets and sweatpants and joggers to tote bags and supportive sports bras, which are also adjustable and are all made in South Africa.

The Body Kind suits many body types as the sports bras go up to 5XL.

This brand is high quality and a long term purchase for your fitness fanatics around you and those looking to get active including the laid back types.


Love it or hate this fashion trend, these UGGs make a great gift for your family members who want to make a fashion statement at home or outside.

UGGs South Africa has a Christmas collection for both men and women. This collection can also be a personal touch for couples.

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The UGG men’s range includes a Tasman Chestnut, which is a slipper and, contrary to popular belief, is suitable for all occasions.

It’s made from fluffy wool, crafted from soft suede with an embroidered braid and easy slip-on silhouette so you can wear it both indoors and out.

Married Leader, UGGs Tasman Chestnut Slippers.  Image: Included
Gift Guide, Tasman Chestnut Slippers by UGG. Image: Included

These UGGs were even worn by former NBA player Dwayne Wade.

The UGGs for women have similar colors but with a shortcut at the ankle.

The special thing is her red Luff Yeah Slide Ribbon Red, which can be worn as a slip-on or as a statement shoe.

It will surely turn heads.

Pandora jewelry

This Pandora Moments jewelry collection is just right for the holiday season and the pieces can be worn after the holiday season.

The collection consists of a bracelet, earrings, rings and a necklace. There is a simultaneous theme of ‘shooting stars’, with the galaxy having a different and exciting element at Christmas time.

So add some sparkle for that special someone to gift as jewelry as a gift is associated with meaning, love and thoughtfulness.

Married leader.  Bundles from Pandora Moment.  Image: Included
Married leader. Bundles from Pandora Moment. Image: Included

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