Tiktoker is being slammed for challenging horrific sex advice

When it comes to sex advice, there’s a whole lot of it out there.

But if you’re a man looking to enhance your partner’s experience in the bedroom, it pays to listen to a woman’s opinion on what feels good (and what doesn’t).

While he’s not anatomically able to determine for sure, a man named Jason Himsworth has offered some advice anyway.

Unsurprisingly, it hasn’t gone down well with women, who have all pointed out the glaring problem with his bedroom tip.

“When she’s almost there, talk to her about it, trust me,” the construction worker says in his viral video.

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Despite the fact that he works in the construction industry and appears to have no medical experience in women’s health, the Brit goes as far as urging men to heed his advice, captioning the clip, “Please boys.”

He also added the praying hands emoji to further prove his point.

But his comments section was quickly flooded with women begging other men not to pay attention, declaring the tip was a surefire way to ruin the moment.

“Absolutely not! Don’t talk, I’m concentrating! Just keep doing what you’re doing,” one pleaded.

“Don’t, I repeat, DO NOT talk her through it!” another stressed.

As one lamented: “Mansplain my orgasm to me.”

Other ladies quickly followed, explaining that Jason’s tip would have the opposite effect of what he was proposing.

“Literally not,” one said, as another said, “This is honestly going to kill the moment.”

“NO! Just shhhhhhush…don’t even change anything,” chipped in another.

One woman said: “ABSOLUTELY not. no Don’t trust him guys. I speak for all women when I say pssst.”

Another asked: “Which woman lied to you and why do the rest of your lovers have to suffer?!”

Despite the monumental feedback from women, there were a few unsuspecting guys in the comments asking Jason for more information.

“So like ‘You can do it, I believe in you,'” pressed one.

“Can you please give an example mate,” one guy asked.

Others have simply toasted the sex counseling blunder, declaring that “the big shut down” is a foolproof method for an unsatisfactory ending.

“Let’s tell our partners not to listen to randoms on TikTok,” one woman scoffed.

“Yes, mansplain it to her, she’ll love it!” another joke.

There were a handful of women who supported Jason in the comments, claiming it helped take the pressure off in moments of intimacy.

“I’m actually with you there. So many disagree here, but I’m with you. It’s actually so calming, especially for girls who are struggling to let go,” said one.

“100 percent agree! I love listening to my partner when I’m done,” agreed another.

Jason, who has amassed over 114,000 followers sharing tidbits about relationships, sex and mental health, has yet to respond to the feedback he’s received on TikTok.

Originally posted as Women urge men not to listen to British tradition viral sex tips

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