Suspicious weed identified in the spinach recall saga

The suspected weed at the center of an Australia-wide recall of spinach has been identified following an investigation.

Riviera Farms and Victoria Health confirmed the spinach was contaminated with a weed known as thorn apple, or its scientific name Datura stramonium.

“The investigations have not identified any other potential chemicals, herbicides or other types of contaminants,” the statement said.

“No other Riviera Farms product has been affected by this weed.”

Other nearby fields are currently being destroyed as a precautionary measure for fear of contamination.

The revelation comes after reports that nine people had suffered “toxic reactions” including symptoms of hallucinations and delirium after eating spinach products.

Affected spinach was sold at Costco with an expiration date up to and including December 28th.

Originally posted as a suspected weed identified in the spinach recall saga

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