The worst trends of 2022 according to Men’s Fashion Obsessives

LOS ANGELES — The ‘Throwing Fits’ holiday party, which toasted the popular podcast that equally satirizes and worships men’s fashion, kicked off just after 5 p.m. last Thursday, when the show’s hosts Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris, from a Car alighted front of the Mohawk General Store in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. They weighed packs of Budweiser and Modelo like babies they’d rescued from a gas station.

Guests wore baggy work pants, smart but frayed shirts, limited-edition sneakers, and napped fleece shirts. Many were regulars at the store or avid listeners to the podcast. Inside there was a table with wine, spirits and CBD drinks.

The crowd slowly swelled and poured out in front of the store, a popular boutique owned by husband and wife team Kevin and Bo Carney. The stock list – Our Legacy, Dries Van Noten, Stüssy, Bode – is the sort that a listener of “Throwing Fits” would find appealing.

This is the second year that Mr. Harris and Mr. Schlossman have held the party, giving them the opportunity to host a real meetup for their internet friends. Everyone was welcome.

“I think every time you have an online internet friendship and then you actually meet the person and you both realize you’re not weirdos, you realize the connection is real,” Mr. Harris said.

We asked some of the participants for their thoughts on the coolest person in Los Angeles, the worst trends of the year, and their predictions for the year ahead. Here’s what we heard. Interviews were edited.

Throwing Fits Podcast Hosts

Who is the coolest person in Los Angeles?

Mr. Harris: Kevin from Mohawk. The work speaks for itself. He does so many projects out there and executes them in a sick, tasteful way. The man decided to just launch a brand of wine called Loose Wines, and now the juice is on.

Mr. Locksmith: I say Nick Dierl. He’s the most connected man in Los Angeles; he is the mayor. Every good restaurant has the batline. Whether it’s Horses or Jitlada, he’s the guy who will give you the answer in no time. What shows coolness like a reservation for a dime?

What will be the unexpected trend of 2023?

Mr. Locksmith: leather for me. Pants, shirts, jackets. It never really went away. I’m just attracted to the stuff. I just love the idea of ​​a guy in leather.

Mr. Harris: I think it will be casual barbecues. Nothing serious. Nothing too heavy, keep the hardware light. Maybe it’s a one piece or a two piece.

Mohawk General Store owner

Who is the coolest person in Los Angeles?

Donald Glover. I think he’s an amazing all-around Renaissance man. He does so many things so well. I look up to him for that. Style, cinema, writing, dialogue, everything he does.

Do you have resolutions?

I want to work more with my hands. I want to garden more. I have so much fun getting my hands dirty and at the end of the day I had a better day with dirt than with a cool outfit.

Who is the coolest person in Los Angeles?

my therapist He’s a great listener. It’s part of being cool, being a good listener.

What’s one trend you’d like to see die by the end of the year?

I can say what I hope, that security and cynicism is a trend I would like to see disappear. In fashion or design – I would like to see more vulnerable things. I’d like to see less logos and more individuality and biographical stuff. That’s what I’m trying to do, not just a mood board, but telling a story. That’s why you love Margiela. You didn’t know who he was, but you knew who he was through his work.

What was the worst outfit you’ve seen this year?

At Paris Fashion Week I met Angus McCloud who seemed very nice. But he literally wore a piece of every luxury home. On his hat he had two headscarves, one was Chanel, the other Louis Vuitton, and then the hat was something like Dior.

artisans and builders

What’s a trend for 2022 that needs to go?

I’m really pissed about the parachute pants thing. Because a lot of people put on a pair of big pants and a small shirt and a pair of sneakers and think they’re dressing. I’m not really big on the whole thing at the moment.

What trends are you looking forward to in 2023?

I really like it when some of that weird Y2K stuff comes back. Obviously it’s been pretty tough over the last few years. But the continuation of Jean Paul Gaultier, that kind of look and feel. And the old sneakers from yesteryear getting rid of the whole chunky sneaker look. I’ve always liked oversized pants with a slim shoe. I like it when the Vans Half Cab makes a comeback.

Do you have style resolutions for next year?

I think I need to stop shopping, but in general my resolution is to only buy clothes made by my friends.

Who is the coolest person in Los Angeles?

twin shadows. He is a musical artist who rides a motorcycle. I love his music and got into motorcycling a few years ago. And I actually met him, and he’s really down to earth. Seeing his interest in motorcycles gave me permission to pursue my passion with them. I love his personal style and his live shows are some of the best. And then to have met him and he’s that person that you look up to and he’s willing to have a conversation and connect about the things that you enjoy is amazing.

What do you think people will like next year?

I want people to continue to appreciate vintage. Vintage is the canvas from which many designer pieces come. It’s sustainable, it’s easy to buy.

Do you have style resolutions for next year?

I only want to buy one piece per season. Only four pieces. This year brought me into a state of contentment. I am very happy with my wardrobe. And when I focus on one piece per season, I become really intentional and buy something I really like.

What will be a trend in 2023?

I hope consumers are smarter about what they buy. Companies like Shein are growing in popularity, but at the same time, with the emergence of Gen Z, they’re also becoming more mindful of what they’re buying.

What’s a trend from this year that you’re keen to get on with?

feigned fear. It only leads to a pretentious atmosphere.

Do you have any style resolutions for 2023?

Two stop buying shoes. I have about 10 but actually only wear three out of four.

Who is the coolest person in Los Angeles?

Well the real answer is my girlfriend because she is the best communicator. But the cool answer would be this Edgy Albert guy. He’s a big fan of TikTok, he’s a menswear guy. He’s very cool, and he’s very sincere and a very real person.

What is a trend from this year that you would like to implement?

Live podcast recordings where you buy tickets to watch a recording. It’s just very strange. For example, you paid money to eavesdrop on a conversation.

Do you have any style resolutions for yourself for next year?

Well, I’m pretty happy with where I am right now. I’m happy with how little money I’ve spent and how much versatility I’ve squeezed out of my wardrobe. That’s always a big thing for me – versatility. I think that’s the most important style statement for me: to continue the pursuit of versatility while keeping it as light as possible.

Who is the coolest person in Los Angeles?

I’m honestly still looking for him. He hasn’t revealed himself yet. I mean it could be anyone, I take inspiration from my buddy who works at the flower shop down the street. My roommate Drok – I take my inspiration from him and he from me. It’s a feedback loop.

What is one trend that you think will be big next year?

I love the way denim is making a comeback. I love people who deal with cuts, fits and silhouettes.

Which trend do you want to die with in 2022?

I really want logos to end. Any kind of embroidery work or block printing or dyeing – let us do it. I don’t need someone to signal me where they bought something.

Do you have style resolutions for next year?

Just to keep learning and filling in the gaps in my wardrobe. For example, if denim is going to be big next year, then denim accessories will be bigger, like keychains or t-shirts or boots. Just build this world.

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