Discovery Vitality celebrates its 25th anniversary in SA

Discovery Vitality launches its Endless Summer today with a V campaign.

To celebrate the quarter century and new brand refresh, Discovery Vitality will unveil the pink branding to coincide with its summer campaign during the December holidays.

This includes a huge prize from Vitality Travel with Discovery Bank.

Members can win a year of Vitality Travel – two free return flights per month for 12 months – for themselves and a partner.

Discovery Bank customers are automatically entered into the prize draw, but there are more ways to increase your chances of winning.

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They can get an additional entry into the prize draw for every R250 (per transaction) they spend on their physical Discovery Bank credit or debit card (in-store or online purchases) and receive 10 additional entries when they book flights, holiday accommodation or Rent a car on the Vitality Travel platform.

“We will be visible at our major airports, The Lounge, our pre-flight experience in partnership with SAA and select beaches across the country have been chosen to launch our iconic beach umbrellas.

“In addition, we recently introduced the coveted new Team Vitality running and cycling club kit,” said Celeste Williams, director of marketing at Discovery Vitality.

Why the change?

The orange hue that many strongly identify with vitality hasn’t entirely disappeared; it now fits seamlessly into the global corporate identity of the Vitality brand.

“Our unique pink represents the power of our shared purpose of making people healthier and making sure they are rewarded. Because a person who lives healthier, practices better driving habits, or manages their money well affects those around them,” says Williams

“Overall, changing behavior not only improves health, it also helps save lives, increase life expectancy and reduce the burden on healthcare.

“This results in lower rewards and claims, which ultimately creates the opportunity for more rewards for all of our members – you. That’s the value proposition of Discovery’s shared value insurance model, which Vitality is at the heart of,” she adds.

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Also shared as part of the recent launch are the new Team Vitality kit and Centurion t-shirts, which are rewards for members who achieve 100, 200 or 300 weekly Vitality Active Rewards goals.

“This isn’t just about fitness gear, it’s about tapping into a shared universal human truth – one that will ultimately help people feel connected to one another, united together in a single purpose, and highlight the power of goal setting – to to become healthier life.

“And what we’ve learned is that making people healthier and improving their lives starts with inspiring people meaningfully — at scale — in ways that move them to action,” says Williams.

Importantly, the streamlined branding has been extended to the global Vitality community, which was born in South Africa and now includes more than 40 million members in 40 markets across six continents.

“Our global goal is to continue to be part of a global movement for good health and to increase opportunities for innovation, inclusion, growth and societal benefits of positive behavior change,” concludes Williams.

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A global movement with big ambitions

In 25 years, Vitality has grown from a South African start-up to the world’s largest behavior change platform, constantly innovating to incentivize people to be healthier.

“Every campaign, partnership and marketing decision we make is about helping people become healthier and improve their lives.

“All aspects of Vitality’s shared value insurance model, including partnerships, health empowerment programs, data, and product and brand equity, are part of a core goal of helping build a healthier society, and as such, this brand update was carefully considered,” she says.

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