Juan Guaidó, the face of Venezuela’s opposition, could be voted out

“The opposition is taking stock and realizing that the interim government experiment has not worked,” said Geoff Ramsey, director for Venezuela at WOLA, a Washington-based advocacy group.

He added that the interim government has become progressively less relevant in Caracas, the capital, and more relevant in Washington. “I think over time the interim government has outlived its usefulness and that’s why we see the Venezuelan opposition looking for new ways to restructure,” he said.

The governments of several new left-wing governments in South America have also begun rethinking their approach to Mr. Maduro.

Bolivia resumed normal relations with Venezuela after Luis Arce’s election in 2020. Peru did the same last year after electing Pedro Castillo, who was ousted this month after trying to dissolve the Peruvian Congress. Earlier this year, Argentine President Alberto Fernández said he would follow a similar path.

Recently, Gustavo Petro, the newly elected left-wing president of Colombia, a nation that has been the United States’ strongest ally in Latin America for years, cut diplomatic and trade relations with Mr. Maduro’s government, which opened a new chapter in the global approach with Venezuela hits.

In an interview with The New York Times at his home in Caracas last year, Mr. Guaidó said the government’s relentless persecution had dismantled his entourage and targeted his family. His chief of staff and uncle had both spent months in detention. Most of his advisers and close relatives had fled the country.

“The worst thing,” he added, thinking of his little daughter, “is having to explain to a kid why the police are following you.”

He continued, “That was a great sacrifice, but I would repeat it a thousand times over.”

Isayen Herrera reported from Caracas, Venezuela, and Julie Turkewitz from Bogota, Colombia. Genevieve Glatsky contributed reporting from Bogotá.

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