Spain excited about €2,500 million lottery sweepstakes

It is considered the largest Christmas lottery in the world.

Spain remains tense today as citizens wait to see who will win the staggering €2,500 million in prize money up for grabs in this year’s El Gordo – the big one – the nation’s annual festive lottery.

The full ticket price of €200 isn’t cheap, but most people band together and only buy part of a ticket.

“Every year I buy a lottery ticket here,” says one woman. “This year I let it go until the last day.”

“We came here on Sunday and it was closed and we had to come back today,” says another. “What if I didn’t buy a ticket and it won?”

Doña Manolita’s store in Madrid is very popular with customers as it has had several winners in the past.

The first El Gordo lottery was held in 1812 when the Spanish government established it to raise funds for soldiers fighting Napoleon’s armies. This year it will be the 209th draw.

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