Bryce Hickman describes the shark encounter at Cosies Surf Break near Mandurah

A Perth teenager narrowly avoided becoming the latest addition to the state’s growing tally of shark attack victims, with the young man nearly being knocked off his board at a popular break in Perth’s southern suburbs.

Bryce Hickman, 15, was surfing at Cosies Surf Break, Mandurah around 7am on Wednesday when the fin of a 2m shark almost knocked him off his surfboard.

Bryce quickly motioned to his younger brother to paddle to safety.

“I was waiting for another wave and something kind of bumped my surfboard,” he told Nine News.

“It was pretty scary.”

The shark swam away, leaving Bryce to the safety of shore with a dangerous 40-meter paddle.

“I didn’t want to hang around for so long,” he said.

The fracture site where Bryce was pushed was about 350m from where 29-year-old Ben Gerring was fatally mauled by a suspected great white shark while surfing in 2016.

According to Shark Smart, all beaches within a 1km radius of Falcon Bay, the attack area, were closed as of Wednesday morning.

Last week, a tiger shark closed off another popular beach in Perth after being caught lurking meters offshore.

Drone footage captured the 2.5m shark in Mullaloo. Locals said it “hung out” on the beach for several days.

Originally published when a Perth teenager describes a terrifying encounter with a shark at a popular surf break

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