Fuji demonstrates an autonomous mobile robot for moving shopping carts in retail stores

Fuji Corp has developed a solution to automatically move wheeled carts in retail stores. Fuji’s solution can handle multiple types of existing carts typically used in retail stores and requires no changes to the existing store layout or infrastructure. To evaluate the robot’s practicality and performance, testing began in July 2022 at selected stores of Cainz, a leading home improvement chain in Japan.

In retail, goods are regularly delivered from distribution centers to branches. Various technologies are currently being developed that promise to automate this distribution, such as self-driving trucks. However, once the goods arrive at the store, a lot of manual work is required to get the goods all the way to the shelves. Retailers want their employees to focus on activities that truly enhance the customer’s shopping experience. This is where Fuji’s solution comes in – by automating the movement of carts to the shelves and outside of business hours, employees can improve the customer experience.

Once tags are attached to shopping carts, the robot can automatically recognize them and move the goods to where they are needed in the store. Operating in the dark after hours maximizes productivity, Fuji said.

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