Trio of Sumatran tiger cubs born at Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo in South Australia has welcomed the birth of three Sumatran tiger cubs, the zoo’s first-ever births of the endangered species. In a press release, Zoo SA chief executive Elaine Bensted said the births marked a “significant moment” for conservation, as fewer than 400 adults remain in the wild. “The young from Delilah and Kembali are critical to ensuring strong genetics in the breeding program and indeed the future of the species,” Bensted said. “With unsustainable plantations and people encroaching on the tiger’s habitat in Sumatra, the situation for this smallest tiger species is looking pretty bleak. However, along with other major conservation organizations, we are promoting the use of certified sustainable palm oil as the most powerful way we can make a difference to people.” Delilah and her cubs will remain in the cubbing cave for the next few weeks. Visitors to the zoo can see the tiger and its cubs through a television screen. Photo credit: Zoos SA via Storyful

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