South Africa is “Africa’s Best Culinary Destination”

South Africa’s culinary industry was in the spotlight throughout 2022; It has been recognized for its restaurants and the World Culinary Awards have recognized the country as a whole.

The third annual World Culinary Awards recently recognized countries around the world for the best cuisines, restaurants, culinary destinations and more.

The World Culinary Awards is a global initiative that aims to recognize and reward excellence in the culinary industry on a global scale.

South Africa is a premier culinary destination

South Africa has been named Africa’s Best Culinary Destination. Overall, it ranked 16th worldwide.

Thandiwe Mathibela, general manager of global PR, communications and stakeholder relations at South African Tourism, said in a statement that this was a great achievement for our chefs and restaurants.

“This is something very special. This recognition that South Africa has received in the culinary field is proof that we have more than just wildlife. We’re also home to breathtaking scenery and award-winning restaurants. We are simply a stunning destination that offers a wide variety of unforgettable experiences.”

It came as no great surprise when South Africa’s top restaurant, La Colombe, was named Africa’s Best Restaurant.

The Cape Town restaurant has also been rated three stars by the Eat Out Awards, meaning experts give their food a 90-100% rating.

Best Africa’s New Restaurants went to Post & Pepper Restaurant in Stellenbosch and Best Food Festival in Africa went to DStv Delicious International Food & Music Festival.

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Cape Town

It is well known that restaurants in Cape Town are highly valued, not only domestically but also internationally.

Restaurants like La Colombe and FYN Restaurant have scored highly with foodies over the last two years.

The 50 Best Restaurants in the World 2022 ranked FYN in the Western Cape at number 37.

This is the highest entry for the South African restaurant. Last year, FYN Restaurant was ranked 92nd.

The list is selected by an academy composed of 1,080 leading restaurant critics, chefs, restaurateurs and foodies from 27 regions worldwide. This year, 24 countries across five continents and 12 brand new entries made the top 50.

FYN Restaurant thanked the World’s 50s Best for the “incredible news” given that the relatively new restaurant, which opened three years ago, was already ranked so highly.

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