Your favorite things of 2022

They recommended the scent of seedless blackberry jam on the stovetop, Sur la Table’s white pepper (best holiday scent, in multiple products), and “my dogs’ breath after brushing their teeth with their favorite poultry-flavored toothpaste.” Her breath just smells clean and (thank goodness) not like fowl at all.” (Thanks, Sue Sternberg of Moab, Utah.)

After a rough start to the year, Martha Johnson of Maryland Heights, Missouri came up with the idea of ​​creating a jar that said “Good Stuff in 2022.” Throughout the year, she and her husband would put notes in it: activities, something funny someone said, the success of a loved one. They want to read them on New Year’s Eve and be reminded of the wonders of the past year.

Anna Squires in Golden, Colorado, this year embraced “low dopamine mornings,” a trend she spotted on TikTok. She doesn’t allow “digital stimulus” until she starts work at 8am. (“That means I’ll be on The Morning later,” she noted, “but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.)

Rebecca Hoover, an elementary school teacher in Reading, Pennsylvania, keeps a daily haiku journal. Here’s one of her favorites from the day she reviewed her students’ work with a banana-scented marker: “‘It smells like heaven!’/Who knew eternity smelled/Like fake bananas?”

The best thing Greg DeCamp did in Kansas City, Missouri in 2022 was set up weekly electronic donations to a charity. “If giving is the most important thing,” he said, “then it seemed like a good idea to do it automatically before I can give anything else.”

The reader’s favorites from the supermarket were as diverse and enticing as I had hoped. The Best Scalloped Potatoes: Good and Gather Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes with Chives from Target. Best Supermarket Find: Aldi “red bag” frozen chicken. Best Ice Cream: Kirkland Signature Super Premium Vanilla from Costco. Best seasoning: Swad coriander chutney. Best Rice: Nishiki.

On the coffee front, Tim Sherwood of Boca Raton, Fla. said that Kirkland Signature medium roast ground coffee in a 2.5 pound bag is best for home brewing. Kasia Maroney in Trumansburg, NY thought there was no such thing as a good decaffeinated dark roast until she found Peet’s Coffee’s decaffeinated dark roast K-Cups.

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