The Most In-Demand Jobs and Skills in South Africa – Report

A new report by recruitment group Michael Page has highlighted strong demand for specific job skills in South Africa, finding that global companies are poaching experienced South African workers while local employers are looking for candidates with the same talent.

Michael Page Africa, a division of PageGroup headquartered in the UK, recruits managers and executives across the African continent.

Based on data gathered by the group from job advertisements and insights from consultants, she has put together a new report on the most in-demand skills and experiences needed across different sectors in South Africa.

banking and financial services industry

According to the report, these are the most in-demand jobs:

1. Head of Internal Audit

2. Elderly trader

3. Senior Relationship Managers

4. Business Development Manager: Insurance

5. Operations Manager: Chartered Insurance Brokers

6. Corporate Finance: Mergers and Acquisitions

With an increasing focus on hiring people who can impact business sales, business development managers specializing in insurance, wealth and banking have become popular in the job market. According to the report, companies have also been actively seeking candidates for managerial or “back-office” roles to cope with “increased revenue and the opening of new sectors”.

engineering and manufacturing

According to the report, these are the most in-demand jobs:

1. Technical Director

2. Project manager

3. Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manager

4. Product Maintainer

The report identifies key trends towards a customer-centric manufacturing industry and a shift that focuses on quality assurance and quality control to “develop superior products” and ensure high levels of productivity. Therefore, there is an increased demand for quality assurance and quality control managers.

Additionally, the industry is facing challenges including a lack of expertise and talent in industries such as project management, which is reflected in the increased demand for positions such as project managers and product managers.

finance and accounting

According to the report, these are the most in-demand jobs:

1. Commercial finance manager and controller

2. Tax-oriented roles

3. Finance manager

4. Chief Financial Officer

5. Regional and African experience

Employers have also started looking for candidates who have both accounting and technical skills.

The report also identified a need for a “regional and African experience” through streamlining between African countries. As a result, such streamlining can create “greater accountability” in the marketplace, as well as greater interaction between business people and stakeholders to understand finance.

legal industry

According to the report, these are the most in-demand jobs:

1. Corporate Commercial In-House Counsel

2. Compliance Officers and Managers

3. Fintech, IT and ICT lawyers

4. Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions and Banking and Finance Lawyers

5. Corporate Secretary and Corporate Governance Expert

6. African Legal Counsel

The increased demand for technological skills in the legal industry is important in the context of South Africa, according to the report, where “South Africa is a commercial center for external growth at both national and continental levels”. Cross-border partnerships between companies are also increasingly in demand. on the continent, which is related to the increasing demand for African legal advice.

Other in-demand jobs include compliance experts to understand if companies have failed or succeeded in complying with relevant legal regulations such as the Personal Data Protection Act (POPI).

The report has also identified challenges such as a skills shortage in the industry, exacerbated by the mass exodus of potential job applicants to international jobs outside of South Africa.

Sourcing and Supply Chain

According to the report, these are the most in-demand jobs:

1. Supply Chain Planning

2. Demand Planner

3. Sourcing Manager

4. Logistic Manager

5. Manager

The procurement and supply chain is one of the most demanding and challenging industries for potential job applicants. According to the report, global supply chain pressures have made it difficult to find candidates to fill the positions.

Other skills in demand include warehouse management and supply chain planning. These skills are required to provide sufficient production planning and supplier planning to meet the needs of the customer.

sales and marketing

According to the report, these are the most in-demand jobs:

1. Business Development Manager

2. Digital Marketing Manager

3. Marketing Manager

4. Marketing Manager

5. Key Account Manager – national

According to the report, new business development manager, sales manager and sales manager positions have been created in the industry as new companies enter the market. Technological and digital advancements in the industry have also resulted in an increased demand for corporate sales positions and for candidates who can adapt to fast-paced work, are agile and have experience in data analysis.


According to the report, these are the most in-demand jobs:

1. Cloud Computing

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

3. Data Scientist

4. Software Development

5. Cyber ​​Security

6. Business Analysis

As one of the fastest growing industries in South Africa, the need for technological skills is growing as companies continue to use data to make daily decisions. The increasing use of data has also led to an increased demand for cyber security.

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