Bronte Beach, Sydney, vandalized by revelers on Christmas Day

One of Sydney’s most popular beaches has been covered in rubbish after hundreds flocked to the site for the Christmas Day celebrations, infuriating locals.

A resident of East Beaches shared a series of shocking photos of the devastated expanse of grass at Bronte Beach with a Facebook group Monday morning.

“In Bronte there are a lot of shoes left over from yesterday’s Xmas Backpacker Festival,” wrote the user.

“They’re still there if you want, along with everything else that was left there.”

Bronte Surf Lifesaving Club resident and lifelong member David Stone said it was the “worst [he has] seen in 20 years”.

“The trash carnage (was) so bad that local residents and lifeguards volunteered to join the council’s extra cleaners to clean it up,” he told NCA NewsWire.

“I personally collected bottles, food, clothing including underwear, broken glass and heaps of drug paraphernalia and plastic bags.”

“Sad that everything just got dropped everywhere.”

Mr Stone said he was concerned the chaos would prompt local council to introduce a paid ticketing system for major holidays.

“It would be a shame and I would hate to see it fenced off and paying to enter in prime time, but people need to take responsibility for their rubbish,” he said.

Incredible scenes shared on social media on Christmas Day showed how crowded the beach is, with very small gaps between the groups on the grass and the sand.

People flocked to the beach as the temperature soared to 26C on Sunday.

Beach towels covered the shore as people soaked up the sun and picnic-style structures crowded every inch of grass.

Outraged by the sight, other locals flooded the Facebook post’s comments section to express their disgust.

“Frightening, such a lack of respect, fines should be imposed,” wrote one.

“Disgusting. No respect,” wrote another.

“Disgusting! My heart goes out to the community workers who need to clean up this disgusting mess,” said a third.

“OMG this is shameful,” said another.

One resourceful commenter suggested that clothing and shoes left on the beach should be collected and taken to local thrift stores.

“Bring all clothes and shoes to charity,” they said.

“Shame shame shame on all of you who left all your belongings and trash behind,” wrote another.

Many of the comments shared the same message of disappointment that the natural landscape was being ruined for tourists and locals alike.

“Disgusting. Bronte is such a beautiful place. Lots of people come to enjoy this beautiful beach,” said one user.

“Some people have no respect,” said a second.

“Only know how to throw a big party never know how to clean up their mess,” wrote another.

Originally posted as Bronte locals wake up to a “disgusting” mess on Bronte Beach after the Christmas Day celebrations

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